Rotating Buttons

I seem to have a problem when I rotate buttons…
I have a button, which I rotated 45 degrees as shown here:

however, when I click it, the area, which is “sensitive” to clicking is not the whole rotated rectangle:

To me it seems like the right border is the border of the rectangle if it would be a 0 degrees:

Is this a misconfiguration on my side or a bug?
Thank you

This probably is a bug. There are a few quirks with Rotation. Not sure what the best work around is for this problem. Maybe add a 2nd button or try placing an unrotated button inside a rotated Grid or Canvas. Those layout controls may handle rotation better.

Hey Roger! Looks really great!

Not a fix but, if you make the button transparent (opacity = 0) you will no longer see the button area when you press it. You wouldn’t need to worry about the button fitting perfectly. Maybe you would prefer that?

Hi Jeff,
I am not worried about the visual but way more functionality (but need to apply it as it looks better, you are right ;-)). The active area is only the one you see when you click and does not cover the whole room.
Initially I had regular (rotation 0) buttons with different sizes to cover the room but this would be nicer to do it with the rotating button as I would have to maintain only 1.
@bill: I added a Canvas with an unrotated button in and rotated the canvas with the same result. I can go back to the original solution (using several buttons to cover the area) until there is a fix