Running a Hubitat rule from a button or switch in The Home Remote

I have been kluging around in Home Remote and have figured out how to do a few things like assign a THR switch to control a Hubitat light.
Now I am seemingly lost in trying to figure out what to use to fire a rule in Hubitat using The Home Remote.
I have done these using virtual switched in Hubitats remote control but cant seem to find my way in THe Home Remote.
Any advice? most of the tutorials and threads I find are very specific about one switch or another and I have yet to find comprehensive instructions anywhere.
Very nice software but not intuitive to my brain.

I don’t think there is a way to run the rule directly. The Maker API doesn’t support that. You will probably have to create a virtual switch that runs the rule. From the Home Remote’s perspective, this will be no different than an actual switch.