Russound MCA-88x metadata with Sonos

I’m using Home Remote to display Sonos media information and control zone power to my Russound whole home audio system.

I was wondering if anybody had experience with sending this metadata to the Russound keypads? Google has a search result summary of, “I wrote a Windows program that runs on my server that updates the meta data to the russound amp and allows the russound keypads to control Sonos Devices.” which points to a dead Google group for The Home Remote (, but unfortunately the posts seem to have been removed by Google. This seems to be in line with what I’m looking to accomplish. I believe this was from @Jimk72 ?

Perhaps somebody recalls more about this?


Yep that was me. Still run this on my windows server. Still frustrated Russound refuses to help integrate any other streaming equip. I have theirs because it came with the system and I was an installer. Their streaming equipment is so slow, the ui response is like something from the 90’s. Anyway yea I created that program. I exclusively use Sonos to stream as the Russound solution is crap. If you are interested in the program let me know. I don’t charge hundreds of dollars like some places. It’s free! Just need a windows pc to run it on.

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@James_Knutson Thanks! I’d love to check it out. I just sent you a direct message.