Sample Templates

Are there any “out of the box” sample templates I can download, or any forum members can send me? I would like to be able to load any that are available and use them to learn how things are properly associated and laid out in the system. It would give us newbies maybe a starting point to build off of. I am most interested in Home automation capabilities, more than the video/audio IR remote replacing. I have got basic functionality working with my Kasa, Smart Life, wi-fi and other switches and devices, but was hoping to learn more by dissecting template examples that have been professionally created. I watch the YouTube videos and learn a lot, but it is hard to duplicate some of the examples giving when I have to start from scratch.

All of the default templates that the apps use are given to you when you create a new project. Those are in the Templates folder. Every device you add is automatically assigned a template. You are free to edit that template or you can even copy it to create a new template. If you want, the default TileTemplate & DetailsTemplate assignments can be changed to point to files you design.