Shelly 2.5 and Flood plugins

The following is the first version of the Shelly 2.5 and Flood sensor plugins.

The shelly 2.5 can work in two different modes, relay and roller, and the plugin accesses the devices via HTTP. You need to specify the HostName and channel in the plugin settings. For the roller you can open, close, and stop the shutter. You can also set a specific percentage by using the slider. Finally, when the shutter is opened or closed you can orient the slats (you can use different times for opening or closing the slats to orient the venetian shutter inside the plugin).

To access the Shelly Flood sensor data, you need to generate an Authorization Cloud Key in the App under “User Settings/Security” to access the cloud data, because the sensor only wakes up from time to time under specific environment conditions. The interesting thing about this sensor is that you can use it in rain mode to make the shutter close automatically when it detects rain.

You are welcome to make this plugin better, but Bill will make a native plugin in the near future and you might prefer to wait a little bit.

ShellyCloud.plugin (3.0 KB) ShellyFloodTile.xaml (7.1 KB) ShellyHTTP.plugin (6.2 KB) ShellyRelayTile.xaml (3.2 KB) ShellyRollerTile.xaml (4.9 KB) ShellyShutterClose ShellyShutterOpen ShellyShutterOrient


This s a new version of the Shelly HTTP plugin which adds functionality for the Shelly 1, 1PM and 1L. It basically adds an attribute for the type.
I noticed that the whole HR app is a little slow in Android whereas in Windows it is quite fast? I guess when we will have a native Shelly device the calls will be much faster… I hope we will have it soon :wink:
ShellyHTTP.plugin (6.7 KB)

I did buy a Shelly 1PM & a lightbulb DUO the other day. There will definitely be an official integration but it might be another month before I can start working on them. So I appreciate you sharing your plugins.

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I am posting a new version of the Shelly HTTP plugin which adds power display for both relays and rollers whenever the power is bigger than 0 using a new attribute “power”. In addition the roller tile shows the background in AccentBrush8 when the roller either opens or closes.
ShellyHTTP.plugin (7.9 KB) ShellyRelayTile.xaml (4.0 KB) ShellyRollerTile.xaml (5.6 KB)

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This is an update of the Shelly HTTP plugin which optimizes HTTP calls and also uses hasSubscribers to load the used devices. The Shelly devices are grouped in a device source with no settings, so you need to configure the device Id using “IP_address/channel” for relays or switches and “IP_address/channel/orient_close#orient_open#favorite_pos” for rollers, i.e., “” for a venetian roller or “” for a pivoting shutter with vertical slats. In this last case, note that the last parameter is used to open 80% the vetical shutter, as favorite position. Finally, if a device is not accessible, the tile will show a label showing “unavailable”. This is useful in case you have connection problems with some devices or whether there is a power cut.

ShellyHTTP.plugin (11.5 KB) ShellyRelayTile.xaml (5.0 KB) ShellyRollerTile.xaml (6.1 KB) ShellyShutterClose ShellyShutterOpen ShellyShutterOrient

The Shelly Cloud plugin is also updated with the same criteria and it is updated for the Shelly Flood and the Shelly HT (humidity and temperature). The device source has the setting “auth_key” and the Id field of each device uses the Shelly ID (with 6 digits).

ShellyCloud.plugin (5.4 KB) ShellyFloodTile.xaml (7.5 KB) TemperatureSensorTile.xaml (6.7 KB)

If you have some suggestions feel free to contact, meanwhile we wait for the native HR integration. Many thanks to Bill for his help!

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Could someone kindly give me a prompt / some direction for the setting of the device IP. Where do you set it? Thanks.

Jase, in the last version of the plugin, the IP is part of the Id of the device. For a switch you need to set the Id = IP_address/channel. If the Shelly is 1 or 1PM the channel is 0, but in the case of the 2.5 you have 2 switches one in channel 0 and the other in channel 1.


Thanks Josep. I am up and running now!

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Good morning, I am infinitely grateful for this add-on, since there is no native compatibility,
I managed to make the shellys that work as switches or relays work but I have not been able to make the blind ones work, could you help me or guide me to configure the 2.5 shellys for blind mode?
Thanks in advance

An apology for the English, but I use the Google translator surely some words will be wrong

José Juan, first of all you need to configure your blinds through the Shelly App since there is probably some calibration process to run before they are fully functional. Are your blinds working with the Shelly App?

They are already working with Shelly’s application, and they are already calibrated, I currently have them working with Alexa and Google Home, but I want to add it to Home Remote.

OK great, then depending on the type of blind you have to configure them a little differently:

For venetian rollers you have to configure the Id field similarly to the following image:

The Id filed has to be filled with the following parameters:
channel has to be “0” for roller. The next field is composed by 3 parameters: “orient_close#orient_open#favorite_pos”. These 3 parameters are used to configure the middle button of the tile depending on the type of blind to orient the slats or to go to the favorite position.

“orient_close” is used in venetian blinds to orient the slats by closing them just a little bit because the blinds go up open.
“orient_open” does the reverse, it orients the slats by opening them a little bit when the blinds go down closed.
These two parameters are percentages and you will have to play around to find the most suitable values.
The last parameter “favorite_pos” needs to be “0” for venetian blinds.

For pivoting blinds, that is blinds with vertical pivoting slats, the first 2 parameters need to be “0” and the last parameter, “favorite_pos” is your favorite position, also expressed in percentage.

Sorry for the long explanation, I hope it is more understandable…

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The following is an update of the ShellyHTTP.plugin which informs of whether the device is not accessible or has a firmware update. It is also compatible with the Shelly add-on used to detect rain, which I am still testing.
ShellyHTTP.plugin (13.4 KB)

ShellyRainAddOnTile.xaml (3.9 KB) ShellyRelayTile.xaml (5.7 KB) ShellyRollerTile.xaml (6.4 KB)

ShellyRain ShellyShutterClose ShellyShutterOpen ShellyShutterOrient

This is an update of the ShellyCloud.plugin which informs of whether the device has not generated any report since 12 hours ago from the current time. It is helpful to detect whether the device is not accessible. It also informs of whether the device has a firmware update.
ShellyCloud.plugin (6.7 KB)

ShellyFloodTile.xaml (7.7 KB) TemperatureSensorTile.xaml (6.9 KB)

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Excellent is already working, I thank you very much for your contribution, the device has not given me a problem. Infinite thanks

I am very glad it is working !

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