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Hello friends of THR!
It’s time to present my showcase even if the project is not finished. But…what project is ever finished? :wink:
All started with these two units:

This equipment was the start to home automation!
Before I start to present my showcase I will spend some words on mine:
After spending over 20 years as consultant for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) I enjoy now my retirement. In this time now I try to finish some of my favorite projects.One of these project is to setup and operate home automation.
In this process I always try to use old things, new processes, new environments and new challenges…but, I always try to fulfill my goals with the stuff I have (it’s a challenge :blush:)

My 1. setup:
I started with a few 433MHz switch units (I got them on ebay while searching for a single remote). The goal was to bring these switches online.
The solution was a hub from “Brennenstuhl” with a app “SteckerPro”.
Although these products were already outdated it was a very good start to learn how things were going.

My 2. setup:
on my way forward I came across Tuya on the internet. Tuya has a gateway that supports 433MHz switches. My way!
In that time I searched for solutions “how to use an old iPad2…”.

My 3. setup:
Finally I found THR which supports Tuya (and in this way, it also supports my 433Mhz switches).
From the very first time I saw the potential of THR and I started to practice my skills.

  1. impressed by @TARKUS (“Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends…”) I had to learn GIMP
  2. looking inside THR I had to learn javascript
  3. finally I had to learn much more…
    At first I had to document what I want to achieve:

The primary goal of this project was to control and use of devices via THR should be possible from:
- old iPad2
- iPhones used in the family
- on the home wifi
- visible response of the status of every switch on every device
One of the most important integrations was to keep the information about switch status awailable to everyone on the wifi. I tried to achive this:

Finally I found the solution in this components:
- local wifi available
- old android mobile as web server
- external devices (iPhones, iPads, PC)

The Result:

from left to right: webserver, iPhone running THR, iPad2 running THR

Landing page of THRon iPad2:
at least I found the common event informations very important to present them visible for the family. The events are clickable to present detail informations.
Special thanks to @Tarkus for inspirations!!

landing page THR

control of the lights/pool filter pump, selection of scenes inside
(doma=inside, venku=outside)

control of inside units

clock and timer visualization
the intendto mount the Ipad2 on the wall in the kitchen leads to this solution to create a specific timer to help with cooking.

clock and timer

tv program visualization

tv program

weather information

weather information

slide show presentation
as the iPad2 will be mounted on the wall in the kitchen and most of the time will “just” present static information, there was an idea to use the iPad2 as presenter for all the taken photos. The slide show will crossfade pictures and movies stored on the webserver and present them with the gps informations if possible.

slide show

Many of the pages created in THR are available on iPhone device too:

in addition some adaptions are made to have some THR informations available on mobile devices too:

events on mobile

light status on mobile

@THR community for help and inspiration
@Tarkus for inspirations an tip/hints
Hopefully my project inspires others.
Send any questions… happy to help others

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Very nice work. I recommend you replace the 433MHz as you are not getting any real feedback.

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Thx for your reply. I know this weakness of 433MHz and I wanted to know how far man can go and use it. It’s not perfect and maybe if I get used to the system so much I will switch.

Great job! I love the idea of using what you have. A lot of fun and added complexity.

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glad to hear that! THX

Looks great! What are you using to pull in the Weather data?
For your floor plan, try tinkering with Sweet Home3D.

Hi and thanks alot for the reply!

regarding the weather data I create a new xaml page in THR and placed a webpage browser there. Then I found a widged on a weather page and used this:

More forecasts: Počasí Praha 30 dní

Regarding the floor plan…I did 3D for more than 25 years in my job :wink: but anyway thank you for the hint!!!

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