Sky HD and maybe Sky Q (UK) - IP Control


This is my first plugin… not sure about the code quality, but it works!

Basically this lets you send messages over IP to a UK Sky HD box. I use it for direct access to various fast-forward / rewind speeds, but there are many other features.

For the SOAP stuff, you’ll need the UDN of your box which you can get using this tool here… also massive credit to lgladdy for lots of work with this stuff over the years.

… or you could also use this nodered flow …

If you’re not interested in the SOAP stuff and just want the buttons, then you can leave the UDN box blank, and just don’t use the ‘Fwd’ and ‘Rwd’ commands.

I think the remote stuff should also work on Sky Q boxes but don’t have one to confirm. I don’t think the SOAP stuff will work - it’s different, but again, not entirely sure.

Perhaps someone with Sky Q could verify?

Sky_Picasso.plugin (4.4 KB)

The rest of the endpoints are documented here:-

Credit to:-

For the remote control commands.

Wow, I’ve taken a look at this a few times but never worked out how to do it. I’ll definitely out this to use.

I’m not sure how to check if my box is on Picasso though and the exposed dnla server is 10 years old… does it still work on latest update? Also looking at the info it seems the full remote can’t be replaced? Only certain transport functions (no direction / sky button / numbers / colours). Is that correct?


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I was able to control my box with the python script so will have a play with the plug-in in the next few days.

Thanks :blush:

It should work on any Sky HD box - they all run Picasso.

There is a way of executing all the rest of the remote commands (not via these SOAP requests) - I’ll post back here if/when I get it working.

I was mainly focussed on the transport controls because the multi-press behaviour of the IR command has always irritated me!

It’s irritated me too especially when using ir emitters. I’ll probably set up a slider function for it (although it will be limited to 3,6,12 and 30 increments for obvious reasons)


First post updated - all remote commands now work.

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Great job… I added a slider option for the speed.
Sky_Picasso_slider.plugin (6.0 KB)

Add a attribute for PlaySpeed and assign a slider with -30 to 30 as values. Seems to work OK… im not sure if setting speed to “0” pauses - I need to check that and add to the slider if it works.


‘Forward 1’ is play, but there’s no zero. You’d actually have to trigger pause if you want it to stop in the middle.

Yeah I tried it :grinning: but easily worked around if needed I guess