Smart Life / Smartthings

Is anyone else having issues with Smart Life/Tuya not updating the device status in the Smartthings app. I have Smart Life connected to Smartthings, which in turn is connected to the Home Remote and my device status is not being updated in the Home Remote and the Smartthings app if the device was turned on/off manually. I had no issues with this setup for a long time and there is no problem with the communication the other way, I can control the devices with both the Home Remote and Smartthings app just fine. Smartthings’ tech support points me to Smart Life, but I don’t think the issue is with the Smart Life “call backs” because I am sure many of you are using integration with Smart Life and someone would have said something. I still suspect Smartthings, somehow my device types on their website are showing as “placeholder”, instead of “switch”, “light”, etc as before. I am hoping someone had this issue and found a solution before. Sorry, this is not strictly a Home Remote issue, but the problem renders my Home Remote setup useless or at least very limited.