Smart socket meross

Good morning
I have a smart meross grip.
I can’t insert it into the application. How can it be done?


Those aren’t currently supported. I’ve moved your question to the “Feature Requests” category.

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I know it’s been a while now, but have you given any further consideration to adding Meross devices?

They don’t have an OpenAPI so that does make things a bit more challenging. I’m not wild about dumping a lot of development hours into something that doesn’t have a public API. Those integrations tend to be a bit more fragile since the manufacturer could make changes without notice to lock us out. That can turn into a support headache. I’m not opposed to adding devices that don’t have public APIs, but there will have to be more demand for it. 1 vote probably isn’t going to cut it:) So vote for it if you haven’t already! Also, my schedule is pretty full right now. As you can see I get quite a few feature requests. There are several others that I have committed to doing & are already in progress.