SmartLife issue with smart socket

I have added a smart socket (model SP10, wifi). I can control it fine with the Smart Life iPhone app.
I am able to control it fine with the Home Remote Designer desktop app when clicking “Start”. It works quickly and reliably.
I can “synchronize devices” within the desktop app, and within the iPhone app. I’ve deleted and re-created the “Tuya” connection.
When I use my remote on the iPhone app and click a button that attempts to switch if off I get “The operation has timed out”. Clicking the same button in the desktop app works fine.
I think it worked one time I clicked the button in the iPhone app, but has consistently failed since then.

Any pointers?

I don’t know. If it works in the Designer then it should work on your phone. Sounds like there’s a connection timeout which usually means the app can’t reach it. You can try cycling power on your iPhone to see if that helps. Maybe try cycling power on the smart socket as well.

I used a different smart plug (I bought a pack of 4) and it’s working – I think there’s something wrong with the first one I tried.