SmartThings devices all unknown on Windows 10

My SmartThings integration doesn’t work very well on Windows 10. When opening The Home Remote program or restoring the window after minimizing, all devices indicate the status “Unkknown”. After clicking on some of the on/off devices like light or fan, a few seconds later correctly shows the status of all SmartThings integration devices.

I tried to enter the access token again, synchronize all devices and create another HRP project, the problem persists.

On Android devices, quickly shows the status of all devices.
I will be very grateful if anyone can help.

The app closes it’s connections when the app is minimized or is no longer in use. The issue you are having on Windows is probably a bit more noticeable since the screen is bigger. It shouldn’t take that long to reconnect. It should only take a few seconds. Clicking the tiles shouldn’t make any difference. Next time let it go.

Hi Bill, thanks for replying. Even waiting for many minutes, he could only solve it by clicking on the tiles. I tested it again today and it is quickly showing the status of all SmartThings devices, issue fixed in Windows 10.

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