Smartthings Visual Feedback not updating

Hi Bill, I’m running into an issue with smartthings. After updating my home remote designer to the latest version and saving the project with the new version i ran into an issue regarding the feedback status. I have a backup file that was saved with the old version of the designer and it runs fine so i belive it has something to do with the new version. As i mentioned before the problem is regarding the status feedback of my lights. It won’t show me if they’re turned on or off. I will attach 2 pictures so you can see what I mean.

I also wanted to ask if you could implement an option for Nexia. In my Nexia app i can change the speed of my A/C’s Fan from 0% to 100% i was wondering if its possible to add this function to the home remote?

Thank you.

Is this for all devices? Which one of those buttons actually displays the status? Can you show me how you are using the status? If you are indirectly referencing it in a script you may run into issues.

yes it happens to all smartthings devices. Now its working but i had to create a new smartthings api token and deleted the old smartthings device in HR. I was just using the event trigger binding to @Device.Level.

Anyway thanks and i would really appreciate if you could add the variable fan speed for the Nexia Thermostats :smiley: Thanks!

Good to hear!

Maybe. I honestly think you & only 1 other person using that device:) But I can look into adding that.

When are you going to share the rest of your screenshots? What you’ve built looks great! Myself, & I’m sure many others, would like to see more.

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definitely the interface looks great! I second that motion! Can we see more.

Thanks guys, i will share the screenshots of my interface but basically my app is the same layout as Savant app’s interface so it’s not fully my design. Here’s the link to a short video i made:

Obviously some of the submenus are still in the making hahaha i still need to add a couple graphics to enhance the UI.

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Very nice! Please add this to the Showcase category if you could:)

Use the “Share” URL so it embeds the video in the post

Hola, @Federico_S

Can you tell me how you got the bottom scrolling menu?

Hey check the attached file. Its a scroll viewer. I have it this way Main Grid>Subgrid>ScrollViewer>ButtonsGrid test sliding Menu.hrp (81.4 KB)


Thanks so much man! I will share soon what i am doing. I was actually doing something similar but using control 4 design. Buuut i have to admit the savant ui is awsome.