Solution on how to add Shortcuts to MainPage.xaml /Navigation Page

This isn’t a plugin, but there is no section for “Solutions” so figured this would be the best place to put it.

So after some creative thinking, I found a work to add shortcuts to the Navigation Page.

  1. Create a new page
  2. Set up an Event Trigger with the Loaded event
  3. In the actions, add the following (in this order):
  • Data Setter (and configure to what you want to happen)
  • Method Invoker (with the following):
    TargetName: App
    Method: Close Page
  1. Add the page to the MainPage.xaml → NavigationPage → MenuItems collection (choosing the title and icon accordingly).

Aside from a very quick blip on the screen, it works a treat! I have yet to find a way to set UI properties of the items (e.g. colour, font), but I’ve not yet given up hope on that (@bill if you’re reading :slight_smile: ).

I can provide a sample project or video if anyone has difficulty.getting this to work.


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Can you share the sample project?
Thank you

Best Regards

Sorry for the delay. Have you tried implementing according to the instructions? I don’t have that project any longer but I will gladly troubleshoot yours.