Some helptopics leading to a 404

I’ve noticed several help links that lead to a 404. Can’t remember them all but the example I have is on the properties of a menu item there is a ‘Help with NavigationItem’ which lead to a 404

Some of the help files haven’t been created yet. When you try to access something that doesn’t exist, you’ll get the 404 Not Found error. If you have a question about a particular object, post it in the “Questions” category & I’ll try to answer it.

NavigationItem is an item in the slide out menu that links to a XAML page.

  • Icon is the icon displayed in the menu. It can be either a symbol from the Home Remote’s built-in icon library or a custom PNG file.
  • Page is the file name of the XAML page that you would like to open when the item is clicked.
  • Title is the text shown in menu.

I know what a 404 is. Just thought it was a wrong link.

I apologize, my intentions there wasn’t there wasn’t to explain what a 404 error is. My purpose with that sentence was to tell you why you are getting the 404 error. The why being that the file “doesn’t exist”. Not that the link was wrong.