Sonos device cannot be controlled by IOS home remote

Hi guys,

I am having an issue controlling a Sonos unit. I have installed the Sonos plugin and in the app I have setup a volume slider and a mute button which control volume and mute. The Sonos unit I am trying to control is the soundbar.

The controls work correctly when I run the remote in the Designer sim (both IOS and PC platform) and they also work when I create a Windows version and run it on my PC, however on my iphone the slider just shows zero volume (sitting in the leftmost position) and is unresponsive as is the mute button - everything else (non-Sonos) works fine.

Any ideas as to how to get this working?



PS - I forgot to mention I am running Sonos 1.

Any chance you revoked the Home Remote’s local network access?

They will only prompt you once. If you rejected access, you need to go into the system settings to change it. Or reinstall the app. Then the system should prompt you again.

Hi Bill,

As always thanks for your quick reply - I did check the “Local Network” setting on the Home Remote settings in iphone settings and it is “ticked” - i.e. activated.


Try resetting the apps & take the Designer out of the question. If you uninstall/reinstall the apps & add Sonos directly to it, does it work? If it does, then it means it’s likely something with your HRP file. If it also doesn’t work, then I really don’t know. Likely means the SSDP discovery packets aren’t being received for whatever reason. Try cycling power on the Sonos & your WiFi router.

Loading attached SettingsReset.hrp file will also restore the app to original settings if you prefer not to reinstall.
SettingsReset.hrp (1.3 KB)

…and check to make sure that you have the latest iOS app installed. The current version is 4.4.1

Hi Bill,

First of all I forgot to mention that the issue was intermittent, but I would say more often than not, the controls were not working on our iphones.

That being said, based on your advice, I am pretty sure I got it working:

  • checked app version and the iphones were all on THR v. 4.4.1
  • I loaded the settings reset file you sent and could add the Sonos devices directly on one of the iphones and could control them reliably
  • In designer I opened my master hrp file and deleted Sonos as a device source, then re-added it, and saved the hrp file
  • I loaded the updated hrp file onto our iphones and things now seem to be working reliably

I will let a week or 2 pass and then come back with confirmation that the issue is resolved without recurrence.

Thanks for your help,