Sonos Groups in 3.13.0

You can now create Sonos groups inside the Home Remote!

This is handled by a new MediaGroup capability & its GroupCommand attribute. When you write Group to the attribute, it’ll open a popup showing all of your Sonos devices. You can then select which ones you’d like to include in the current Group just as you would in the official Sonos app.

The MediaPlayerDetails.xaml file was updated to include a new Group/Link button that invokes the Group command. You will need to resync your templates if you’d like to include this file in an existing project.

Thank you Bill

I just integrated this in my project, and it seems to work great ! Thank you for building this.
Just wondering, is there a way to select various groups ? In the Sonos iOS app, you can split groups and stream different things to different groups ? Is this supported in Home Remote ?



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That is not supported at this time. Maybe in the future though. Right now, I kind of feel that showing every speaker gives you a little more flexibility & control.

I’ve not see or used this template file before. What other devices or services can it be used for ?

I’ve been using the MediaControllerDetails.xaml template for my Harmony hubs.

Those files are typically used by audio devices, like speakers or AV receivers, that provide state information. Sonos, Denon/Marantz, Onkyo/Integra/Pioneer, & Yamaha all use those templates. Stateless IR devices like Global Cache & Logitech Harmony use the MediaController templates.

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