Sonos Issues - Playback


I have ones set up and am able to control devices that are already playing however I have issues with browsing and playing media, the only item I can browse and play without error is Sonos radio. Other sources I have below give errors:

  • Apple Music - unable to browse although I understand from reading other posts here that this is not supported.

  • Subsonic Server - I can connect and browse my media however I get a UPnP Error 800 whenever I try to play anything?

  • Using either subsonic or Plex as a UPnP server I am able to browse however when I try toplay I get a UPnP 701 error

Any thoughts on what I need to do to address these issues?

I’ve never tested Apple Music or Subsonic Server but Plex as a UPnP server has always worked fine for me & is still working for me today. Please try this again a few times if you can. And try a few different ways. By that I mean, try triggering Plex when the speaker is already playing something. Try when it is not playing something. Try when it is playing a TuneIn Radio stream. Try when it is playing a Subsonic Server track.