Spotify Integration?

Has anyone created any spotify integration? I tried using web app but its not opening. Is home remote using Edge as default embedded browser or IE because I think that may be the problem.

Im curious as well. It doesnt seem the internal browser supports spotify web player.

What do you use to playback Spotify?

This doesn’t really answer your question but, maybe you can go a different route.
for me, I use a Marantz receiver that plays Spotify, The bad part is I have to use the spotify app to start it on the Marantz (fault of Marantz)
I created a button that appears only when my spotify activity is active that takes me to the app.

From the spotify app, I link it to my Marantz and find some music. Honestly, in my opinion, nothing will ever compare to the app itself but, maybe I’m just used to it.

Once I have music going I can switch back to home remote where I made a page with elements I plucked out of the MediaPlayerDetails.xaml template. Again, this using the Marantz for this. From here I can see whats playing and do some basic control.

Edit: I would love to be able to get the web player working in Home Remote

Have you guys tested the web player in the actual apps?

The WebBrowser control the simulator is using is, I believe, IE based. The actual apps themselves will use the web view native to the platform. So the Android apps will use an embedded Chrome version & iOS will use Safari. It might work with those web view controls. Definitely test this in the actual apps if you haven’t already.

I have been testing in Windows 10 tablet i am using for my project that i hang on a wall. And when i open the xaml to open web version of Spotify i get just a black screen. Im making an iOS version i have to see how it works there.

So I was checking default app browser in Win 10 just to see it was point to Edge dev version that I am running, i set to regular edge and it worked. Then set back to Edge DEv and still working. Not sure why or if this really fixed it but I know before it wasn’t loading now it is.

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I am also getting a black screen in the Home Remote Windows 10 app for the Spotify Web Player.

What did you do ? Change the default web browser app in Windows settings ?

Youtube Music works OK inside Home Remote on the Windows 10 app.

Spotify all I see is this:

Spotify kinda loads on Android but its doing strange stuff.

I think it knows I am on a mobile device rather than a desktop browser.

I managed to get logged in to the Spotify website within Home Remote but it doesn’t load the web player and I see this:

I also tried uninstalling the actual Spotify app from the Android device but that made no difference.

Youtube music on the Android tablet within Home Remote seems to work OK however.

Hi Guys,

i am new here, and i am working on my dashboard (iPad IOS)
Cameras, weather, doorbell, shelly devices and so on are ready.

Next step: entertainment

Any news or step forward about Spotify integration?
At the moment I try to use web app in THR web browser. I can open Spotify web app, i can also naviagate in Spotify web app as well, but can not play.

It is working (playing) on Win10, but doesnt on my iPad.
Click on PLAY button but nothing happen on my iPad

Are you using Spotify:// to open the Spotify url?

using in THR web browser