State of devices upon start of application?


I can’t really figure out why the state of devices always are wrong when starting up the application.
What can I do so that the application reads the light switches/dimmers and so forth upon starting the application (or changing views within the application)?

Most of them seems to be set to On even if the lights are Off.

Could anyone please point me in the right direction?



Which integration are you using? By that I mean, what did you select on the “Add a device” screen?

Thank you for the quick reply.
I’m using HomeSeer.

I don’t know why that would be for HomeSeer. I suggest you download the “getstatus” JSON in your browser & inspect the devices that are giving you issues. The Home Remote should be displaying the same values that are in there. Or if you’d like, I’d be happy to go online with your controller myself. Just email me your project & then let me know which devices aren’t showing the correct states. My email is

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Oh - thanks. I didn’t know about the JSON test utility. Perfect!

I tested a device, but it actually looks as if Homeseer is the bad guy here.
This is the response I got from JSON from a device that was turned off;

“name”:“Window Lamp”,
“device_type_string”:“Z-Wave Switch Binary”,

The lamp was turned off, but both the JSON and also the HomeSeer interface showed the Status: “On”. The Home Remote seems to work as expected. This will probably be hard to fix then.

I appreciate your help and quick response. Now I know at least! :slight_smile:

Oh - I found the problem - thanks to your post.
The post itself was not the solution, but I got to look at the Polling Interval when realizing that it was a HomeSeer issue - and that was the problem. No polling intervall for many of the devices. Changing this corrected all the devices that was set to a faulty status at the time.


Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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