Status updates on multiple tablets

Hi All. I’m new to THR. May I humbly seek advice from the users here regarding few matters before I immerse myself deeper into the THR Designer application?

What I wish to achieve is focus mainly on Philips HUE lighting control via THR dashboard. I am thinking of having 3 separate Fire HD 8 tablets around the house with the ability to control the lights with any of the tablets situated at different parts of the house. My question is would all three tablets be synchronized everytime I turn ON or turn OFF any lights with anyone of the tablets? I.e. if I turn OFF lights 1, 2 on tablet 1, would the status be automatically updated on tablet 2 and tablet 3 at the same time?

Question 2 - for the THR dashboard, I’m planning to have different tabs/or menus - Individual Lights Control (tiled format), Activity Control (groups of lightings) and Lighting Control via a house layout illustration. If I perform any action (e.g. turning ON/OFF) in any of the tabs/or menu, would the other tabs/or menus be automatically updated to the current status as well?

If both the above can be achieved, I think I am ready to dive right into the THR Designer!

Thanks in advance!

Hi Jerry_Yeo

I would say yes to Both. I am using Fibaro to control my Hue light. But i use scene there to trun on/off/Dim my light. this you see on all the tablets in my house.
Also if you just have a tile with on/off you are able to see it on all tablet if its On og Off.
Kind regards

Hi MartinW.

Thanks for responding! Glad to know that.
I just received my Fire HD 8 tablet today and I think I will be getting to work on the THR Designer soon. Had played with it for awhile and finding it quite a challenge starting from scratch.

Hi Jerry_Yeo

when i started I found some .hrp files on this forum. “Showcases” then you will get the idear how to setup your units. the hardest is to figure out the design :wink: You have a huge opportunites in the THR. Jdamore did a really cool one.
Have fun