Sum of power measument

I have several devices with power measument capability, so I’d like to have the sum of all these value to be displayed, for example, in a label. It is possible?


Not really. Or not as you would probably like anyway. You could add a ScriptAction that runs on demand, from say a Button Click event, which performs the calculation & updates the label. You won’t be able have the Label automatically display the sum without an extra control. It’ll require an extra Button to run the script.

Here’s what that script might look like:

var x = App.GetDeviceAttribute("X.Power");
var y = App.GetDeviceAttribute("Y.Power");
var z = App.GetDeviceAttribute("Z.Power");
var total = x + y + z;
MyLabel.Text = total;

As I am new to The Home Remote I am not yet familiar with all the capabilities.
Such a feature would be very helpful.
Is your answer as well true when using a “MQTT Client” device for updating values?
It would be very helpful if a device could add a ScriptAction on update of their data to e.g. calculate the sum as asked by Riccardo.

This is true for all devices.

Way I do this is to capture the consumption data into an influxDB and read it out with from InfluxDB to MQTT which populates variable in HomeRemote.