Support for Globe Suite

I would like to have the ability to add Globe Suite integration to Home Remote Device.

Globe web site is located at : Globe Smart Collection | Globe Electric

I actually have smart wifi outdoor plug bought in Canada that are identical to Tuya product : US America Standard Intelligent Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Waterproof IP44 Plug Sockets | Outdoor Plugs | Tuya Expo

When I try to add device with Tuya integration on Home Remote application with my GlobeSuite credentials, I am getting an AccessToken failed (Username or Password error).

You do not need to develop a Global Suite integration.

Here is what I have done.

1 - From Globe Suite application, remove all devices that were listed.
2 - Get rid of the Globe Suite application on IOS
3 - Install Tuya application IOS
4 - Reset every Globe devices and re-add them to Tuya application.
5 - Add new devices in Home Remote using Tuya devices.

Everything is working as expected.