Support for Smart Life/Tuya Devices

Hi Bill,
Can you please explain how I can get a scene to work, I’ve tried to look for other forum posts but no luck. See screenshot of me creating a button, then setting a event trigger to the scene. Thanks

What you have is exactly right. Did you add it in Smart Life as a standard tap-to-run scene?

Do the scenes work in the Smart Life app when you tap them?

Hi Bill,
Tap-to-run scenes have been created, and the scenes do work in the app.
It’s like the button is unresponsive when I click on it, even with toggles it doesn’t seem to switch? Is there any way of debugging device plugins?

This could be a layout issue. The background of Buttons should change whenever you click them. Easiest test would be to add a 2nd DataAction that sends a command to a device you know is working. If it doesn’t respond either, then you know it’s a layout issue.

hello @bill Is there a way to get Tuya / Smart Life cameras on THR?

Not through the Tuya integration. If these are traditional IP cameras that have JPEG/MJPEG or RTSP streams you can use the generic IP Camera device.

Its a Geeni camera which uses same api as tuya smart life.

hi, every time I click add smartlife the app crash!!! i use ver.
when i add my Alexa account i can add all my smartlife switch’s by voice commands but i want to add my smartlife account directly.
please help

Hmmm… I’m not sure what would cause that. There are 2 places you can add devices. Can you try both of these ways?

  1. On the main Home page by clicking “+” button in top-right corner.
  2. On Settings page by clicking “Add a device”.

same in both ways…app crashes

Do you have any other phones, tablets, or PCs you can test?

yes it was solved !!!
thanks :slight_smile:

Hello! I’m having problems with device feedback. They work very well within the homeremote platform, however when I command through the tuya app or physically it does not update the status. I’m using a wifi outlet and a smart touch with 3 relays.

Wait 10 minutes or so. Tuya only let’s us poll their servers once every 10 minutes. They throw errors if we try to poll any faster. There’s nothing we can do about that. If you need instant feedback you will need a different outlet. Sonoff & Wemo outlets work pretty well & they provide instant feedback to Home Remote. They also support local connections so they will work if your internet is down.

Hi @bill, can you advice this, I can’t login to smart life account. I have change my password also same can’t log in. Can I know how can I log in to smart life app? What is “Get accesstoken”?

How did you sign up with Smart Life? Did you use a sign-in with Google?

I’ve gotten confirmation from a few others that when you sign-up through Google you’re not going to be able to access this API. There isn’t really any way to correct this issue. What you’ll have to do is create a new account. If you really want to continue using the same email address you currently have I’d recommend creating an account with the “Tuya Smart” app. It should be compatible with all of your same devices. But this time when you create the account, be sure to NOT use sign-in through Google.

Hi @bill , thanks for your reply.
No, I not using the google icon to login on smart life. I use google email to signup and now I using back my gmail to sign in on Home remote., Or do you mean totally cannot use gmail?

You can use Gmail. I’m using a Gmail account for Smart Life.

There are a few option here.

  1. Try changing the Region in Home Remote to United States & see if that helps.

  2. I believe SmartThings now supports Smart Life & Tuya Smart. The integration Tuya wrote for SmartThings may not have this issue. So what you could do is link Smart Life to SmartThings & then link SmartThings to Home Remote. That could be a way around this issue.

  3. Create a new account with a new email address. It can be another Gmail address. In almost all of the cases I’ve seen, simply creating a new account with a new email fixes the issue. The only downside here is that if you have a lot of devices they will need to be paired or shared with your new account.

Having Smart Life linked to SmartThings and SmartThings to Home Remote has the added benefit of the device status in Home Remote updating with little to no delay. This is how I have my devices set up. If Smart Life is connected to the Home Remote directly, Home Remote is only allowed to poll device status once every so many minutes, so a light turned on in reality may show off for minutes in the Home Remote due to Smart Life’s restrictions. Going through SmartThings solves this problem, too.

Is it possible to add a Tuya doorbell cam ?