Support for Somfy devices

Hi Bill, what about Somfy devices ?

This is something I’d like to add. I’ve actually got a couple old Somfy RTS shades. They are connected using their Z-Wave module though. I don’t own the MyLink interface yet. It’s a little out of my price range right now. I’d probably be looking for a few donations to help make this one happen.

Bill, hello
7Port, that device you helped me with, can control Somfy and a lot of others RF devices.

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That 7Port device looks interesting. Is it only available in Brazil?

Yes, only in Brazil.

Ok, I hope theres will be a solution :slight_smile:

Hi everyone,

If some of you are using domoticz, I’ve just find a plugin wich permit to control somfy Tahoma systems :slight_smile:

So, with Homeremote we can control domoticz, and with domoticz, we can control somfy devices,

Hi, can you help me getting started on this? I have the home remote app to control my hue devices and audio equipment. I also have a Somfy Connexoon and would very much like to control this from the same app. I am new to most of the home automation. How do I add domoticz and this plugin for somfy?