Support for Sonoff (ewelink) devices

Very popular devices currently not supported.

I think the Home remote support ewelink.

Once upon a time.
There is no support for many months, even in the description it is no longer there.
It has been disabled and it would be nice to have it back.

Probably not what you want, but they seem to be supported by Home Assistant which is supported. You might find that to be a suitable workaround in the absence of native support (and I can tell you the Home Assistant device seems to work flawlessly).

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Well, that’s not the solution I’m looking for.
Although if the author doesn’t do anything, I’ll have to rewrite everything under HA.
For now, I hope that he will change his mind and restore functionality.

As I suspected. At least I tried.

(This also appears to be a duplicate of EWeLink não funcionam)