Tabbed Pages forced to bottom

Hello Dave, I know you cleared up for me that If I have a tabbed page with in another tabbed page they both can’t be placed Top but for some reason when i create the second tabbed page and set parameter TabBarPlacement to Bottom it still automatically changes the main tabbed page that I use for my entire menu so i can swipe to bottom and then doesn’t allow me to place top even if the other is placed at bottom.

When using nested TabbedPages, the parent must be set to Bottom & the child must be Top. You can never have more than 1 row of top tabs or more than 1 row of bottom tabs.

Here is a valid configuration of nested tabs. In the Outline, notice how my Top tabs are underneath the Bottom tabs. It can never be vice versa.

ok, got it thank you. I wasn’t realizing that the Parent must be set to bottom and thats why the system does it automatically. Thanks as always