TCPClient unusable on one computer


Got a bit of a weird issue. I’ve got one computer where I simply cannot use the TCPClient. The connect function fails:-

socket.connect(plugin.Settings["Host"], parseInt(plugin.Settings["Port"]));

results in:- ‘No public methods with the specified arguments were found.’

The plugin settings are valid, and the same problem happens even if I hardcode IP and port in there.

This same HRP file works fine on another machine. Even the example code from here fails:- TCP Client | The Home Remote

At a loss as to what this could be - any ideas?

You get that error at runtime? Maybe a firewall issue? Try again with the firewall disabled. (this is just a guess base on some firewall issues I recently had on a new Win11 machine).

Aha… It wasn’t that… but you prompted me to try something…

Running as Administrator solved the problem!