Temperature value not showing .0 anymore

Today I noticed that when a temperature is a round (integer) value like 21 dgr HR doesn’t show the “.0” any more.


It did work in the past, I use MultiBinding to “force” Numeric value with 1 decimal.


How can I fix this?

I am aware of this issue. I’ll try to get it fixed in a future release.

Thank you Bill.

Can you notify me when it’s fixed?

Yes. I can notify you.

Where can I find a discription of the ‘MultiBinding’ ‘StringFormat’ syntax ?

MultiBinding & StingFormat allow you to display multiple values in a single Label. For example, here’s a Label that displays both the audio artist & album.


Ok, that’s the easy part. I was more looking for string formatting types.
Are these derived from a specific coding language ?

Normally you would be able to apply custom type based formatting like Frank is showing at the top but that issue has not been fixed yet. In order for those type specific formats to work, the arguments need to be in their original numeric value. Currently all Text arguments are passed to the Label as a “string” so that is why it’s not currently working.

What is it that you are exactly wanting to do? Is it to control the decimal precision like Frank?

  • 1 decimal precision on a KNX DPT 9.001 temperature value, since the variable itself has a precision of 2. Sort of the same as Frank.
  • The decimal separator shows up as a comma on a Android device. And as a point on a iOS device. So I tought to set the separator as a fixed character.

I’ll fix this for the next release.

Hi Bill,

I am running the new vewrsion ( and now the temperature shows the.0 correctly.


@TechMo I was wondering the same. Myself I only know C formatting by heart :grinning:

The answer seems to be this: