ThermostatOperatingState Binding no longer working?

I noticed on my thermostat tile that a label that use to show the current Mode, Heat, Cool, Off etc now does not change when I change the thermostat’s mode.

Looking at the binding for this label it looks like its no longer supported ?



I then changed the binding to @Device.ThermostatMode instead and then the label started working as expected.

Just wondering what happened?


That attribute should still be working. It’s working for my devices. There haven’t been any changes to that attribute.

The thermostat tile template has changed a few times. It used to only show the state but I changed that a few versions back to be a little more descriptive to show both the mode & setpoint. It’s no longer just a straight binding. There are data triggers that change the bindings based on the current mode. If you are using an older version of the template that only displays the operating state that should still work.

In the latest version, the operating state is only on the Details page. It’s between the current temperature & the setpoint (Idle in screenshot below)

OK thanks Bill, yes I am using an older version of the Thermostat templates that I modified to my design etc.

I will try the new templates and see if they work for me ?