THR Roadmap - What's Next?

Just curious what the plans are for THR, as I believe this is the longest we’ve ever gone without an update. Makes me wonder if something really awesome is in the works :wink:

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I love when something that works so well goes this long without an update. It reminds me of my one professional software development I did years ago - when the updates slowed to a stop, it meant everything was working beautifully.

Yes it works very well, but it’s not without its flaws or room for improvement.

With the holidays associated with presents fast approaching, are there any hints about this, @bill? :slight_smile: :gift: :gift: :gift:

There are not any major updates coming in the near future. As many of you have noticed, I’ve taken a little bit of a break this past year. Sorry I wasn’t more upfront sooner. I didn’t think it’d be this long either. This definitely isn’t permanent. But as of right now, the next release will likely just be bug fixes & maybe some minor feature updates.

Thank you for updating us, Bill. I’m sure this is all for a good reason, and trust that you’ll get back to it when able.

As you can tell, many of us are really passionate about THR; I’m sure many of us would be happy to help squash bugs (or test releases) if there is a way for us to contribute in a way that still allows you to maintain the IP.

Take care,

It has unfortunately been a while since your last comms, and 19-20 months since the last update. I hope the situation you are working through isn’t terribly serious (although it would seem it is).

Anyhow, I wanted to thank you for the product and whatever support you were able to provide over the years. While I’ve been able to workaround the various bugs and limitations with an array of kluges, my infrastructure has become unmanageable to the point where I’ve had to adopt another solution.

Nonetheless, I’ll keep an eye out on developments (hopefully, to hear that you’re back in the saddle and once again doing what you love).

All the best,