Toggle Button Not Responding to Foreground Color when Unchecked

I don’t seem able to control the foreground color of a toggle switch control via datatrigger when it is in an off/unchecked state. I can change the color for on, and I can control the background for both a checked and unchecked state, but the switch itself always seems to revert to gray when “unchecked”.

Is this an issue with a Button control whose ButtonType is set to ToggleButton? Or is this an issue with the ToggleSwitch control?

The Button control should be allow you to change the Foreground when in the unchecked state. The ToggleSwitch however, will not. Its Foreground property only applies to the Checked appearance. Most of the ToggleSwitch visuals are provided by the platform so you will limited with what you can change. What you could do is use a ToggleButton instead & provide your own images.

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That one. That explains it. Thank you. (I’d click the solved button, but I can’t find it!)
New forum looks great!

I enabled the solved option on this category. You should see it now. You might have to click the ... button.

Thanks! I like it too. Complements to the folks at

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