Toggle switch label color?

I have a toggle switch for mute on my Denon. I also made a label for it. It all works fine and the label reads mute/unmuted as well.
I want the font color to change “mute” to red color, and when in unmuted state to be invisible.

Being new to HR now I cannot figure this out.

Add a Trigger to your Toggle button. Then use as property “Is checked” and as value true.
Now click on Setters and you can change (for instance) the text on your button to “mute”. Copy the Trigger, and change the value to false and then change the text to “”. That should do the trick.
There’s a whole list of setter-properties you can choose from.

The problem is that my toggle button has no Text as an attribute when I created the toggle button. So I added a Label below it which displays the toggle button state. All this works.

So if I remove the Label, I have only a toggle button sitting there with no text at all.

There are a few different approaches. I would use element binding. That would allow you to set the attributes of the text based on the status of the switch. Watch my tutorial on triggers. I would watch the whole thing but element binding is covered at about the 16:15 timestamp.