TP-Link Devices with Multiple Outlets NOT Recognized Properly

Greetings, I have mainly TP-Link smart home products in my setup. These include four established products (they have been around for a while) and two newer ones.

I find that the established products work fine with Home Remote. However, I find that there are issues with the newer ones.

The newer devices (which are COMPOUND in nature - i.e. each contains multiple individually controllable outlets) are seen by the Home Remote app but the individual outlets are not picked up / enumerated.

Older / Established Products: [these DO work well with Home Remote]

  • HS200 Non-dimmable Smart Light Switch
  • HS220 Dimmable Smart Light Switch
  • HS100 Single Outlet Smart Plug
  • HS103 Single Outlet Smart Plug

Newer Products (COMPOUND devices): [these do NOT work well with Home Remote]

  • KP303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip (3 outlets, each individually controllable)
  • KP400 Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug (2 outlets, each individually controllable)

Hope someone could take a look at this.

KP400 Kasa Smart Outdoor Plug
KP303 Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip, 3 Outlets

Yeah, those multi/compound devices probably aren’t going to work. I’ve only got a HS110 Smart Plug & a LB130 Light Bulb. Those are the 2 devices that were used when developing the TP-Link / Kasa integration. I can certainly add them though. I’m actually working on finishing up the 3.5.0 release today so I can try squeezing them into that update if you want.

Would you be open to giving me temporary access & control to one of your multiswitches?

I would like to test turning it on/off a few times. So if you are OK with giving me access, let me know which power strip you’d like me to test, KP303 or KP400.

Access given, as discussed in private message.
Thanks for taking a look!

Thanks for setting this up for me. I was working on this earlier today & will revisit it again this evening. It’s going well but it may be another day or 2 until I have the new version uploaded to the stores.

Version 3.5.0 has been published to the stores & should be available to download. It has support for your KP303, KP400, & any other Kasa device with multiple outlets. Thanks for letting me connect to your devices. I’m finished now. You can go ahead & reset that account you created for me.

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I can confirm that my TP-LINK (Kasa) multi-outlet devices (KP303 & KP400) are seen properly now as of the 3.5.0 update and that the outlets are now individually controllable via The Home Remote app (confirmed on iOS as well as Windows).

Thanks so much for your willingness to delve into the complexities of these new devices and for the expeditious delivery of a solution to handle them.


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