Triggers have disappeared from Designer, still operate

Triggers assigned to various controls are not showing up in the Designer. The actions that the triggers performed are still working, I just can’t see/edit them.

I’ve gone back a few versions and have done hundreds of edits, I’d rather not have to completely restart my project. Clearly the triggers are still part of the HRP file, the designer just isn’t displaying them.

Steps to reproduce:

In above shot, this Button in the Tile Template definitely works and is performing the scene as originally programmed into the Trigger. But now the trigger in the designer is “gone”.

Seems to be only elements that I’ve “touched”; for example, unmodified Tile Templates (from the normal set of Home Remote templates) all have in-tact triggers, but xmls that have been saved have lost the visible triggers.

This does not occur with every save. I’m not sure when/how the triggers disappeared.

Was this a project that was converted from a previous Home Remote version? I had a similar issue when I migrated from v2 to v3 and the only remedy was to create a v3 project from scratch and start over.

If I were to guess, something is corrupt in the XAML, bad namespace declaration, etc. If you want to attach your XAML file I can look at it & try to fix it for you.

I am unable to reproduce this issue myself. Can you elaborate a bit more & provide a step-by-step?

Bill’s response reminded me of something. I was missing something in the first XML line of some of the pages. Check all the pages of your project for the first line to have the following (not in this exact order):

<hr:ContentPage xmlns:x=“” xmlns:d=“” xmlns:mc=“” xmlns=“” Title=“Home” xmlns:hr=“”>