Turn on display (android) on motion


how I can turn on the display after the motion event?
so. mounted old android (5.0) tab in the wall. motion sensor (nearby) detects motion (probably I am looking on the display) - I want to turn on the display.
the similar situation - motion detected near frontdoor. Ring doorbell activates the device (own HC3 device) and I want to turn on the android display.
how to?


thoughts aloud.

develop internal blackscreen saver (forum examples from Bill), but Idle event based on the touch.
so if I turn on display by motion - I can’t reset Idle event. I should turn off screen also, from my code.
more than. if i trying to bind Idle (ha-ha-ha) to False, it’s ignored :slight_smile: by it’s right behavior.

Any device Binding can trigger a Scene. So you can replace that Idle binding with a binding to your Motion attribute.

ok, thnx

last question for today.
I have two old tabs =)
ground floor and upstairs.
how I can identity devices?
so I want what app works only with own motion sensor. how I can setup / configure / bind :slight_smile: motion sensor to app.

Tnx. have a nice weekend

How can you identify your tablets?

There isn’t really any tablet identification in Home Remote. Projects are meant to be universal, designed to work on all. The HRP should work on any device so long as they are Android 5.0 or newer.

How can you identify your tablets?

it question was. :slight_smile:
i won’t trigger on motion downstairs if motion in upstairs and and vice versa.
android tab in downstairs should handle only downstairs motions (concrete motion sensors id).
android tab in upstairs should handle only upstairs motions (concrete motion sensors id).

OK, I see. There currently isn’t any way to add a condition to the trigger that checks the model number or id of the tablet. For this scenario you probably will have to create unique HRP files for each. This is probably a feature that could probably be added though.

… or create a local manual config override. as i can understand we haven’t local persistent where i can store something…
idk how, but will do.

Correct. Neither are currently possible. That’s another option I can look into.

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You can use an app called Fully Kiosk and it uses the built in tablet camera as the motion sensor. It can then turn the display on with motion and I believe it can receive HTTP commands to wake the tablet up, otherwise using Tasker you can get a similar result.

I think it could be possible to detect the internal front cam, right? It should be the same for all Android versions, I think so.

Would be really great to detect the motion from this cam for deactivate the blackscreen saver.
(yes,… I’m also an “old” ImperiHome user - there it was possible :wink: …)
@bill - what do you think?

Possibly. I can look into it.

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I am using Tasker on all my Android tablets and something called TNES.

Its a little web server for Tasker, so you can send in different HTTP commands to the tablet to have a tasker task run e.g. wake up the tablet.

I am using the logic engine (Multi System Reactor) for my Vera hub to just send a HTTP command to the tablet when the Fibaro motion sensor in my kitchen detects movement, it will wake up the tablet. And the tablet is then set to sleep in its Android settings after so many minutes or I can send a HTTP command to run a task to make the tablet sleep when I want.

I can also use Tasker / TNES for other things, for example I can send HTTP commands to the tablet to launch the Home Remote app or make Home Remote navigate to a particular dashboard page, so its very similar to how Imperihome was in that respect. Or send a HTTP command to reboot the tablet or whatever Tasker can do, I can initiate that Tasker task by sending a HTTP command from my Vera / Reactor to the tablet.

Another option is to use the camera on the tablet as the “motion sensor” there is an app called Motion Detector which works with Tasker and upon the tablets camera detecting motion you can have tasker watch for an intent happening and then run your task to wake up the tablets screen etc.

Side node: Imperihome had its own web server and simple HTTP API for controlling aspects of the Imperihome app, whereas Home Remote does not. Which is why I had to find a solution that gave me similar functionality to what I had with Imperihome previously.

We did ask @bill for some of these Imperihome type features, but I don’t think they have been implemented as yet.

no i can`t.
it’s the old 5.1 no-rooted ZipaTile-1 tab with old Cyanogen mod 12 with old WebView (can’t update).
any WebViews running on this tab:

  1. very slowly.
  2. doesn’t support modern FW (only es5).
    for example, HASS UI stuck on the login screen.

so thehomeremote APP is ideal here.

btw, this ZipaTile-1 natively support motion and many other things