Tuya connection

I’ve read the Tuya connection has problems.
But when I connect with postman I’m able to connect and manage my Tuya devices.

The only thing is when trying to connect I have after login with my credentials, I first have to refresh the token and after that I have to get the token.

Is there a possibility for the makers of the app to get this fixed ?

I’m getting a similar issue.

Setting up a new iPhone I restored the hrp backup file and I see my dashboard now. However it keeps prompting me to login for the Smart Life access and its not working.

The old phone doesn’t do this in the Home Remote app.

I couldn’t login to the actual Smart Life app either. Was 99% sure I was using the right password.

I then reset the password to a new one via the Smart Life app.

I was then able to login to Tuya via the Home Remote app.

So think that fixed it.

I finaly managed to login in both was by creating a new account for both Tuya as Smart Life.
The only thing for me is that my devices are connected with a Tuya related account from BrilliantSmart.
So I have asked for support thru e-mail to create a BrilliantSmart connector which probably solves my issue