Tuya Device Integration

Hi All, I’m trying to control my Tuya light and curtains. I added my account details and my devices are shown but how do I link a button to switch the light on or off. I cant seem to get any device binding / command to work. Anyone got a simple hrp to follow please.
Many Thanks All!

You will use the Switch capability to control your Tuya lights. Your DataActions will call @Device.Switch & set the value to either On or Off. For these devices you can actually use the default templates in the Templates folder. Each device object is assigned XAML files in the Templates folder. Study those files.

Also, as I recommend to others, start with the apps only. Take the Designer out of the equation. Uninstall/reinstall the Home Remote app to reset its settings. Or load the attached SettingsReset.hrp file. Then link your Tuya account directly to the Home Remote app. Test it there. Then go to the Settings page & create a Backup. That will export an HRP that you can open with the Designer.

SettingsReset.hrp (1.3 KB)

Hi Bill that was a great idea to start with the app. I now have a working hrp. I will download this into the designer to see how it works. What exactly are templates. As far as I can see they are just another small page or tile with certain command / feedback properties. Can these tiles be dragged into a project if not how do i pick one to use?

The built-in Groups navigation can display the tiles/templates. The DeviceBrowser can be used to display the tiles on a custom page if you don’t want to utilize Groups navigation. If you rather not use tiles, you can study those assigned templates & add Buttons to your page to send the commands (look at pic from my previous post).