Tuya Dimmer Switch

I installed a Sonoff D1 dimmer in HR and it works fine. It appears as a dimmer type device
Now I’m trying to install a Tuya Dimmer Switch but HR recognizes this as a “switch” type device and I can’t control the light level.
I changed the device type and templates in device properties but it didn’t work.
Could someone help me?


The Home Remote would have automatically assigned the SwitchLevel capability if level control was possible. The Tuya API we are using, for whatever reason, doesn’t include the level capability on certain dimmer brands/models. I don’t really have a solution for this. We’d have to find a new API that does provide this control or Tuya would have to modify their API to include dimming control on your specific dimmer. Not all Tuya connected dimmers behave this way.

Thanks Bill
I’m going to use scenes to increase or decrease the dimmer brightness.
I bought 2 more different brands (tuya platform) that haven’t arrived yet. I will test those later.

I am using “Treatlife Smart Dimmer” with Tuya app. It’s working fine with HR.
here is a link https://amzn.to/3kPoYCT

By the way, is there any reason using a Tuya compatible light switch/dimmer over Sonoff?
I am just testing Sonoff product because Bill recommend it for faster feedback feature.