Tuya problem - Can't connect

I can’t connect to my Tuya device, a smart control. Designer keep saying my username or password is wrong, I’m totally sure they are correct

Does the Tuya Smart app recognize your account? Try uninstalling & reinstalling the app to make for sure that you can still log into it.

I’ve got my devices linked to the Smart Life app & that seems to be working fine for me. If you can’t get this working with through the Tuya Smart integration you could try registering your device with the Smart Life app & use that instead.

Working OK, thanks. I was using the wrong app to configure my device

When using Tuya I was only able to add scenes to Home Remote, not devices

Hmm…not sure why that would have been. Smart Life works fine though?

I’ll try Smart Life, but when I add Tuya only scenes are loaded to home remote

What types of devices do you have? Do you have a model number or link you can share for the devices it can’t find?

It should support common light bulbs, switches, smart plugs, etc. Something a little more specialized may not work

I’ve added a smart IR control

Smart Life is identical to Tuya, only IR Scenes are loaded to Designer, not devices

Yeah, Tuya IR devices will not work with this integration.

The infrared devices that I added to the IR Smart Hub I mean, Alexa and Google recognize those devices, but Home Remote Designer only recognize the scenes

Correct. You will have to use scenes for Tuya IR control. The Home Remote will not be able to access your Tuya IR hub directly. Like I said, this integration really only supports common devices like light bulbs, switches, smart plugs, etc.