Tuya video doorbell

Problems with connecting video camera :

I use APP TuyaSmart. I receive Verification code to e-mail.
Password of Wifi is ok. But it can not recognize Video doorbel and add it.
Every time it say : The camera is not ready to begin paaring!
What to do? Is there any video to help me or what else?

The 3rd party API Tuya has for us developers only supports a limited number of device types. That includes lights, switches, smart plugs, thermostats, window shades, & scenes. Anything outside of that will require Tuya update their API to give us access. Unfortunately there’s currently nothing we can do to support your video doorbell.

Hi Bill, Is the window shades includes the blind as well as curtain?
They were able to support tuya. are they able to intergrate in home remote?

There is a handler for Tuya Window Shades. If they are returned by the Tuya API, the Home Remote will generate device objects/tiles for them when you link Tuya to Home Remote. If the Home Remote doesn’t generate tiles for these devices at the time you link your account, then they aren’t supported. The Tuya API is kind of strange in how it decides which devices to include. I can’t really give you a definite answer but The Home Remote will generate device objects/tiles for every single device in their API response. If you aren’t seeing them, then create Tuya Scenes to control them. Every Tuya Scene should be accessible to Home Remote.