Unfortunately, no answers, no help!

From what I see, on the forum he seems to be dead, I see several questions asked by different people and I see neither help nor answers. It’s a shame!

Hi Pedro,
most of the questions are addressed to Bill, who does not have time for the project at the moment. The only one who can help the most is Tarkus and he is doing his best.
But you are right, too bad this forum is not really alive.
The ones who help are the ones who have been disappointed by similar software projects (iRule, NetIO etc.). The only positive thing is that this is not cloud software and we can still use it, but without new features or improvements or bug fixes.
I wish there was a database for device tiles and images as well as ready-made HRP files to use as examples.
For example, I have created beautiful device tiles for Tado thermostats and Fibaro Walli shutter switches and no way to upload them.


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