Unknown Error on Vera Plugin


I am getting an error from my vera ‘Mode’ device using the LocationTile.xaml

After a few seconds the error disappears and everything works as expected.


Usually when the device tiles show “Unknown” that means you aren’t connected. I don’t know why it’s not connected. Maybe you entered the wrong credentials. Or maybe your controller’s IP address is not reachable.

When you run into issues like this, please create a new project & use the default templates. Any time you begin customizing XAML files like you are doing there’s always the chance you may mis-enter something & introduce an error.

Or even better yet, uninstall/reinstall the Home Remote app on your mobile device. Then add the device directly to the app. Do not load any custom HRP you have saved. Do everything in the app itself. Basically, I need to know whether you’re having an issue with the built-in code or if this is something you introduced in your custom HRP.

Thanks as ever for the prompt response. I think the IP and login details are correct as everything works just fine. It’s as though the error it comes up in the delay between opening it up and it login into my vera. I haven’t modified the LocationTile.xaml apart from perhaps re-sizing it a little to fit my screen.

How are you using it though? DeviceBrowser presumably? It doesn’t look like you are using the built-in Groups navigation because of all of the blank spaces.

It shouldn’t be that hard for you to do what I asked:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Add your Vera controller
  3. Add Mode device to HomeGroup
  4. Start the Simulator.

This will at least tell you if this is a bug with Home Remote or a bug you created.

Thanks Bill. Your suggestion worked, so thanks for the clear instructions. I must look closer at HomeGroups. It looks like a much easier way to set up control / status pages. I then went back to my project and deleted and added it again. All works. I’ll know what to do next time (if there is a next time)!

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