Unresponsive Scene Trigger (Debug)

I use a scene to initialize plugin attributes whenever onConnect() fires. Within onConnect(), I change the value of the scene trigger to initiate the desired scene actions. Currently, the scene actions bind virtual device variables to corresponding plugin attributes, and then reset the scene trigger. I have attached a test file ( Test_SceneTrigger.hrp (130.9 KB) that shows this process for a single variable/attribute pair. When debugging this test file in THR Designer, I get different scene outcomes depending on how I initiate Debug (“Start”). If I perform the following: [Launch THR Designer app → Open Test_SceneTrigger.hrp → Select Debug(“Start”)], the scene triggers correctly. However, if I leave the Designer app running and simply perform the following: [Select Debug(“Stop”) → Select Debug(“Start”)], the scene trigger is unresponsive and hangs. I always need to close out the THR Designer app completely and reload my code to get the scene to trigger within the Debugger environment. This isn’t any concern if it only occurred within the Debugger, but I’ve observed the same behavior intermittently after hosting my file on an iPad Mini platform. I don’t know if the two behaviors (Debug vs hosted) are linked or coincidental, hence my questions: 1) Am I doing/missing something within my plugin that could block a scene trigger? 2) Is there something different happening within the Debug environment between Debug-> “Start” (after launching THR Designer) and Debug-> “Start” (after Debug-> “Stop”) that is blocking a scene trigger?

Are you sure that you are using the appropriate trigger? The “onConnect” trigger should only fire when the device first connects (in this session).

I believe I am. The reason I think so is that I am logging entry into onConnect() in both scenarios (big shoutout to hotelfoxtrotnovember for debuglog!). In the scenario where I Debug(Start) after launching THR Designer, I successfully log execution of scene actions. In the alternate scenario where I Debug(Stop), then Debug(Start), I don’t log any scene actions.