Using a PageBrowser with MediaController for cable or BluRay AND for AVR volume


  • Use a GridView to select a video source (cable or Blu-Ray), probably via a scene.
  • Use a PageBrowser to map either the cable set-top box or the Blu-Ray player to a custom MediaController, with the device set when a scene is selected, triggered by the GridView SelectionChanged event.

Now, the normal @Device handling for the video controls of the custom MediaController would work fine, IIUC. But the volume controls (up, down, mute) need to map to my receiver.

I think I can just change my custom MediaController so the three volume controls bind to my AVR instead of the generalized @Device expressions; I’d leave the video controls as they are so depending on which video device is chosen, the controls drive that device.

But, I want to change the custom MediaController as little as possible.

Is there a way I could do this without mapping the device bindings of the three volume controls directly to the receiver device but instead using a placeholder like @Device (but not that because that will map to the cable box or the Blu-Ray player) that I could set somewhere else.

Conceptually (for me at least) it’s like changing the bindings of the volume controls from @Device to @MyReceiver where MyReceiver is a variable I’ve assigned to my actual receiver.

I looked for a similar question but didn’t see one – sorry if I missed it.


  • Tim

That is not currently supported. I do recognize though that this would indeed be nice to have.

What I would do now though is perhaps create a new AudioController template & use 2 PageBrowser controls. One that will host your custom MediaController template for video playback controls. Another that will host your AudioController template for volume controls. With this solution you would take all of the audio controls out of your MediaController template.

This is basically my setup and Bill’s solution is what I did. I use Page Browsers as “modules” that are updated based on the selected input. It was a bit more work on the front end to get it set up, but there is consistency in how my pages look regardless of what needs to happen on tbe back end.