Using a Plugin with Global Cache

I have been tweaking the Runco plugin with commands for my Epson Projector, and I’m at a point that I want to see if the commands work. I have my Global Cache 100-12 already set up in the devices area of the home remote, and I assumed I would right-click the GC-100-12 and then select “add plugin”. However, it installs the plugin in the top level of the devices menu instead of inside of the Global Cache device. As a result, I’m not sure how to direct the data to the correct port on the GC-100-12 (in my case, the serial port 2:1). If I simply try to directly add a device the dropdown menu doesn’t give me an option for choosing a serial port–only IR ports or relays.

What is the proper way to install the plugin where it directs communication through the GC-100? Thanks!

Never mind!! I have it working :slight_smile: I’ll post here in case it comes in handy for anyone else.

When you install the Runco Plugin (Mine is now Epson Plugin, but I’m referring to the original), it prompts you for the IP address and port. All you need to do is simply put in the IP address of your GC-100, and the port is either 4998 (for IR/switch), 4999 (serial 1) or 5000 (serial 2). In the root plugin you can see and change these values. Once you have these set it simply send the commands directly through the IP/port to the device. I was trying to make this way, way too complicated.

Also, one thing that I found to be handy is the iTest program that you can find on the Global Cache website under Products → Downloads and Docs. You input the IP address of your Global Cache device, choose the port and hit “connect”. From there, you can send text commands, hex commands, or mixed (text and hex commands) to test commands for your device. For instance, power on for my Epson projector is the command “PWR ON”. I simply type that in, send the code and it turns my projector on. Great, great way to test codes to see if it gives the expected results.

Hi Jonathan,

I realize this threat is a year and a half old but I’m hoping you have some advice for a similar situation. I too have an Epson projector that I’m trying to control through a GC-100. I am able to get the commands to work through iTest but when I set it up through HR nothing happens.

I’m new to HR but I do have several other devices working so far. Thanks in advance for any help.