Various AppBar issues

  1. The elipsis to pull up SecondaryCommands doesn’t respond (in other words, the items will never show up)
  2. The PrimaryCommands don’t display the configured Text (only the icons)
  3. When creating AppBarButtons in the Collection Editor, there is no option to select Clicked for the event. Only Idle, Loaded and Unloaded.
  1. The Secondary Commands menu is not supported in the simulator. The menu does work in the actual apps. Please report back if you are having issues with that.

  2. Primary commands will only display text in the Windows app when the Secondary Commands menu is open. Like in screenshot below. They will never show text in the Android & iOS apps.

  3. That is a bug. The only event that is supported is Clicked. You will need to manually enter that name.

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Thanks for the clarification, Bill!

Oh I do have one other question re the app bar…it would seem that not all properties (if any) are supported for whatever is added to the Primary and Secondary controls. For example, I was hoping I could still set foreground colour, icon, etc. depending on state.

Can you confirm what is supported? Is the behaviour a bug or a limitation (which could be implemented)?