Vera device sync

Anyone got any hints why I have trouble syncing (and sometimes discovering) devices? Running the Designer on Windows 10, but even if I try disabling my firewall, etc. I cannot get it to work completely.

I can run the emulator no problem and get partial updates (i.e. I can see a couple of recent changes) when syncing my Vera Edge (U17). I recently renamed quite a few devices and also deleted some on the Vera controller. The device list in the Designer does not reflect browser or iOS devices. From a Windows browser, http://IPaddress:3480/data_request?id=sdata returns all the current details no problem.

I’ve read the topics on overwriting, but I am not sure how to just get the device list in sync.

Updating the devices in designer only really adds new devices. It never updates names or deletes and deleted devices. Would be a nice feature in the future to automatically delete old devices, but for now I just manually delete devices before I hit sync so I don’t get a bunch of duplicates.

I changed the password to an incorrect one and the sync still did nothing with no errors. So I deleted the old Vera device completely and it re-installs it perfectly.

No idea if a sync is going to work later, but for now it at least lets me move forward.

Local Vera connections don’t require credentials so you may not see login errors if the controller is accessible locally.