Vera import doesn't handle device & scene name changes or deletions upon "Synchronize Devices" process


I’ve just been really confused in the Home Remote designer looking for a particular Vera scene that I could not find any where.

I then worked out a lot of my devices and scenes in Home Remote designer have old and now incorrect names.

Seems since I ran for the very first time, whenever that was, the Vera import into Home remote, I have renamed several devices and scenes on the Vera hub.

However the new names are not updated on those devices and scenes in the Home Remote designer, even after running subsequent “Synchronize Devices” operations in designer.

If its not too much trouble, my feature request is to please look at the device and scene ID numbers and look if there name coming in from Vera is the same as the currently stored name in Home Remote?
If not then update the name in Home Remote to the new name etc.

Many thanks.

Although saying that you might have renamed a device or scene in Home Remote for a particular reason and not want it renaming back to what it’s original name is in Vera.

Perhaps a Rename Yes / No prompt for each one it finds…


Also devices that have been deleted and scenes from Vera, are then not removed from Home Remote after a Device Sync.