Vera Switch States not returning


I have a number of lights controlled by Vera. My Vera is connected to HomeRemote and i am able to control those switches.

But it seems that Vera is not being polled for the switch (light) status.

for example, on a Tile, I can see the Device.Switch status as Off (even though the light is on)…

I have Vera motion sensors and door contacts and I don’t see the same issue… they DO appear to be polled, it seems its just Lights that are not.

Be grateful for any ideas…


There are older non dimmable and non zwave plus lights that I have had the same problem with since Billl switched to Vera sdata… My workaround was to link virtual switches to my HR buttons and tie the virtual switches to the actual switch on the Vera side. I use rigoapas switchboard plugin.

Take a look at the sdata to see if it is tracking the states correctly.


Wow. Cool. Very helpful thanks. I will take a look at this sdata abs report back. Thanks.