VeraSecure Linear GD00Z-05 Device Import

Though I have started playing with the designer, this question is strictly for the stock Android app V3.10.2.0. I have been playing with the app for a couple months without much issue (questions… yes), but the burning question is that I just added the Linear GD00Z-05 into my VeraSecure along with an addition light switch. Only the switch got synchronized. The GD00Z-05 “Garage Door” is never brought in. Is this something silly I am overlooking? I have rebooted the Vera, rebooted the Android device, and re-ran the sync multiple times. This noob would appreciate any help or advise. Thanks

Vera connected garage door devices aren’t currently supported. I can add support for them but I’ll need to know exactly which commands they use for Open/Close as well as the shortcode they use in the sdata.

If you could, would you mind emailing me the JSON from these 2 requests?

I’m thinking they probably use these standard switch on/off commands but the JSON in “user_data2” will tell me for sure.

For status, I’m thinking they probably use a “status” shortcode that will be 0 for closed & 1 for open.

Thank you soooo much for the expedient and direct response. I am pretty new to all this and not very familiar with JSON. That being said, I was able to pull the two JSON files you asked for. I assume I just upload them here and there is nothing in those files that wouldn’t be ok for public consumption…??.. but .json is not supported. Do I have the correct files and just need to alter the extension to say .txt so the upload file type is supported?

Send them to me over email at The file extension doesn’t really make a difference. They can be either TXT or JSON.